Dog Procurement for Home Protection

Adlerhorst began importing European German Shepherd bloodlines in the early 1970’s, primarily for use as Police Service Dogs. We are the innovators for this market.
German Shepherd Dogs for sport and breeding, in relativity small numbers, were imported to this Country since the 1930’s. In recent years the two markets have somewhat merged, with Adlerhorst remaining the primary source for both. From our inception we have only purchased dogs with a European working title, hips, backs and elbows x-rayed and vet check done personally in Europe prior to shipping.

Our private dog sales come from two sources:

• We import 250+ dogs a year primarily for Police or Military service. For various reasons a small percent does not work out.
• We conduct 6 to 8 buy trips a year.
• Inmost cases they are suitable for private ownership.
• Inquire for pricing

We can also select a dog specifically for individuals from either working lines or show lines.

• Inquire for pricing

Call for an appointment to view dogs we have in stock, or submit your criteria for a dog imported just for you.
A deposit is required if we contract to select a dog for you!

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