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Every 1st and 2nd full weeks of each month and every Wednesday of each month.


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Who is this course for?

Adlerhorst was the originator of a comprehensive, ongoing training program to ensure active K-9 teams are maintaining proper skill levels and adhering to the “Community Standard.” The results speak for themselves: 100% success from all legal challenges, as well as some excellent case law.

Currently, well over 100 agencies contract for our maintenance services which include:

  • At a minimum, the program includes a complete comprehensive training block each month with an emphasis on problem-solving and keeping the dogs “clean” with strong alerts.  Supervised training available five days a week.
  • Each problem area noted by the handler, supervisor or instructor will be addressed during the current training session.
  • We use techniques that have proven successful both in the field and the courtroom.
  • Additional training days are available as necessary.
  • All training sessions have a defined lesson plan. The canine supervisor will receive a copy of each lesson plan as well as a written evaluation for
    each session.
  • All successful participants are guaranteed to pass P.O.S.T. standards as well as our more difficult 24-hour P.O.S.T. re-certification.
  • Participation in the most popular and comprehensive agitator/role playing suspect training in the industry.
  • All of our training classes have a comprehensive written standard. Our training titles have been accepted in courts both nationally and internationally. Copies of our standards are available upon request.
  • Our program offers eleven training days for patrol dogs,  and five training days for narcotic detection dogs and two training days for explosive detection dogs each month in Southern California.  Additionally, we send qualified instructors to locations in Northern California, Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

Our staff consists of nine full-time instructors as well as six part-time instructors.  All of whom have extensive backgrounds in the field. Each is a certified California P.O.S.T. instructor as well as a P.O.S.T. evaluator. Most have qualified as court-recognized experts.

Expert witness testimony is available / provided for all of our maintenance clients at 20% discount.  (Please contact Adlerhorst for a current rate sheet).  To date, we have been involved in
over 100 cases…all that have gone to trial, have been adjudicated in our favor. (Vera Cruz vs. Escondido our case). The fifteen cases ruled in our favor by the 9th circuit all used Mr. Reaver as their Expert.

A list of our clients for expert witness testimony as well as non-contracted agencies is available upon request.

Adlerhorst Patrol Monthly:
Every 1st and 2nd full weeks of each month and every Wednesday of each month.

Adlerhorst Detection Monthly:

Training is offered five days each month at various locations throughout Los Angeles County, Orange County and the Inland Empire.

K9 Teams enrolled in the Annual Maintenance Training Program may attend any of the scheduled training days at any of the training locations offered. K9 Teams may attend as many times as needed.

Contracted Agencies will be billed yearly. Our instructor staff is scheduled based on the projected number of students.

There will be no refunds for non-attendance of monthly training : however , long term illness or injuries to a Handler or K9 may be reviewed on a case by case basic.

Call for more information.

Feel free to visit one of our sessions.

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