Initial Retainer: $3500.00

to be applied to any work done on the case. Retainer fee is due upon designation of expert witness.

Office Rate: $300.00/ Hour

Work done in my office to include document review, report preparation , deposition preparation, and to
prepare for court room testimony and telephone consultation

Examination of Dog: $300.00/ Hour

Does not include travel.

Travel Fees: $50.00/ Hour

Travel is $.50 per hour plus $.50 per mile from Jurupa Valley , California.
. Per Diem for out of town travel is $350.00 per day + hotel expenses.
.Out of town is 50 miles plus from our address, Jurupa Valley, California.

Deposition and Trial Testimony: $450.00/Hour

Plus travel. Please see above fees.

Late Charges:

All bills are due within 30 days of invoice date. A late fee of 10% per annum will be assessed after 30 days.


A 20% discount off of the trial and deposition testimony will be offered to Agencies that are currently
contracted for Monthly Maintenance Training.

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